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Blanket Sizes/Types

If you wish to make or donate blankets here are some specifics to follow:


Blanket sizes:  I accept blankets as small as 18 inches by 18 inches for the micropreemies that are born in the 2nd trimester.  I accept blankets as large as 37 inches by 37 inches for the full term babies that are lost.


Blanket Colors:  I accept any colors as there are babies of both genders lost.  However, gender neutral blankets are also great to donate because they can be used no matter what gender the baby is.


Blanket Patterns:  I do not use any specific patterns.  I like for each blanket to be as unique as possible since each baby is unique.


Blanket Types:  I accept any type of homemade blanket.  It can be crocheted, knitted, quilted, no-sew, fleece with a crocheted or knitted edging, etc.  The type of blanket is not what is important, it is that someone took the time to make the blanket to donate to the families in need.



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